Limitation for teacher: what rules to follow to teach well?

Task based learning is an approach involving students, who a learning foreign languages, to the cases that are required to be resolved by using that language.

Each methodology, that is implemented should have a system, be straight forward and understandable. This is why the special framework for task based learning approach was developed. It helps to break apart the teaching process, so it becomes easy to get what deliverables are on each.

So, task based learning framework is represented by next steps:



  • Task setting.

The teacher chooses the theme, explains the importance and relevance, set objectives and constrains.

The only tool can be used is language, that was chosen for learning.

  • Planning.

Students should prepare plan out of several steps in language they are learning. They may involve the teacher asking for opinion and advises for better preparation. The questions should be not about the topic, but rather more conceptual.



Task realization.


  • Students work.

Each student separately or in the group are working on the project and prepare materials, analyze them, make conclusions and offer solutions. All of these should be made as kind of project with s summary. Again, all the work including discussions is going using the learning language.

  • Presentation.

Results of the project should be presented by students, described and discussed with expression of personal opinion and comments about the task resolved. Summary should be prepared and all the limitations should be met.



It is started not from marking, but from the discussion of material presented.

An assessment is made firstly by other students with recommendations, polite corrections and advises on used language and its turns and constructions. It should be not like a test mark, but like help from the group to show areas development.

The effectiveness of the program to a large extent depends on the understanding and appropriate implementation of the framework. No stage should be disregarded, otherwise the results will be significant lower, than expected.