Running a business remotely, while comfortable, can meet with many snags. People want to know the location of your office, and you shift uncomfortably as you try to come up with an explanation that does not make you sound amateurish. Additionally, you have difficulty providing your company with the cohesiveness needed to successfully run a business because with everyone working remotely no one has the time or motivation to meet.

Among the plethora of solutions you have to improve working conditions in Australia’s business atmosphere, the serviced office is one that will give your business a bonafide address in some premium locations. In addition, you will have the benefit of working with other professionals removing some of the isolation that comes from working remotely. These benefits are compounded by the plan’s flexibility and its affordability, among other advantages.


Keep reading below to learn more about the serviced office solution and how it can benefit your business.


Serviced office plans are some of the most affordable around today. Because the plan works by basically furnishing an office for you, you do not pay quite as much as you would with a traditional lease. With a traditional lease, you might pay several thousand dollars a year to rent the place, provide furniture, and pay for utilities.

In comparison, renters pay one bill at the end of the month for the space, furnishings, utilities and other office equipment. Take a look at Servcorp Australia’s Serviced Office at to see the number of amenities this plan can offer businesses.


In addition to being a relatively inexpensive alternative to other leases, the serviced office provides businesses with flexible leasing options. For one, you are not required to commit to any protracted contracts, many of the contracts ask for as little as a month’s commitment and one month’s rent as a deposit.

Furthermore, these leases provide your business with the opportunity for growth. If you grow out of your space, the lease can be modified for expansion and relocation, if the leasing company operates in more than one location.


Of the many benefits, the location has to be one of the better ones. Many serviced office buildings are in some of the most affluent areas. Whether in or near central business districts, these offices provide your business with the visibility needed to raise your profile. Furthermore, these offices tend to be located in high-rise locations around major cities, which means they are furnished like corporate offices.

Support Staff

Many of the more well-established office solutions companies can provide your outfit with highly-competent, professional support staff. In addition to a receptionist that answers calls during business hours, these fit-outs provide you with support staff that can answer any technical issues you might have. With world-class IT support staff, problems related to technology are quickly addressed letting you get back to the business of running your business.


First and foremost, because your office is in a prime location, your office is accessible to the public. The city is host to a number of visitors, and offices that are located close to restaurants, transit, shopping and government buildings tend to get more traffic from these feeder businesses. In addition to these features, parking garages provided by these buildings make it easy for clients to move in and out of the area.

The Many Benefits Of The Serviced Office

Working remotely has its benefits, among them, commanding your own time. Alternatively, though, your business will grow and you will need space. For business owners who find they are growing out of the remote working office format, the serviced office is the next best step in finding an affordable, super cheap office space.